The Hong Kong Society of Paediatric Cardiology has gone through the stage of toddler’s years. I am privileged to be able to witness its metamorphic growth.

In my nearly finished 2 year presidency of 2015-2017, I am delighted to report that with the solid foundation laid by my predecessors, the support from a devoted Council and our members, the Society has expanded the Directorship at the Company Registry, structuralized the meetings and operations as well as tried out a model of 2 years forward planning cycle.

We have also outreached to strengthen the connections and collaborated with other professional organizations and disciplines in various scientific or charitable functions. Our Society is acclaimed among our peers and was consulted by various professional bodies and officially responded on important issues.

Our Society has gone “green" in stop printing poster and invitation card hard copies of our Society functions. To further enhance the link with our members and those potentially interested in our activities, Society made a major step forward in launching our Facebook page in 2017 apart from our current official website.

It is a good news to our Members and Associate Members in having priority notification and registration of our popular functions now. Society has also committed to allocate sponsorship each year to support Members in attending external scientific events related to paediatric cardiology.

As the Society President, it is really rewarding to know the activities organized by the Society were highly appreciated and sought after by both our members and those new to us. It is even more so and really my honor in being able to organize the conferment of the first Honorary Fellow of the Society this year.

The Society is still in its energetic youth stage. I am sure with the able leadership of the future Presidents and Councils, the Society will have many, many golden years, yet to come.


Dr. KC Chan


Hong Kong Society of Paediatric Cardiology

September 2017